Help new advisors to simplify the onboarding of their book of business.

To attract and retain top advisors, you need a digital onboarding experience that is transparent, simple, and that shows your dedication to a great relationship. Transitions creates an initial experience with your firm that imports assets quickly and correctly. Separate dashboard capabilities can create a new, higher level of transparency, in addition to monitoring day-to-day activities. With bulk import, a new advisor’s entire book of business can be safely transferred, helping you lose the faxing, mail couriers, and sticky notes—and building client loyalty.









Customized workflow, including your recruiting, compliance, licensing & registration, finance, and technology functions

Send email notifications to the prospective advisor

Specific business logic that allows for auto-decisions and routing based on your recruiting goals and broker performance thresholds

Integrate with your in-house or cloud-based licensing, registration and commission systems

Dashboard view provides real-time updates and alerts that show all involved parties where they are in the transition process and what steps are next

Easy-to-use web forms and electronic signature capabilities

Incorporation of the agreement terms, FINRA Broker Track Report, correspondences, and loan documents into the event workflow

Tracking of all advisor inquiries from a public website by IFS or by your firm

Seamlessly bring on an advisor’s book of business and streamline the client repapering process by offering the ability to upload or input client information

Visibility and complete audit trails of all interactions

Integrates with IFS’s account opening workflows to expedite the client onboarding process and open accounts without re-keying data



Allows electronic opening of accounts at major custodians and in-house platforms without re-keying any account data

Impress advisors with a great first impression of your firm’s operations

Easily provide all documentation required to advisors and clients

Attract and retain top advisors with a digital onboarding experience that is interactive, transparent and hassle-free

Enhanced transparency so advisors know where they are in the process

Onboard new advisors quicker and empower them to start engaging with clients rapidly

Ensure compliance, especially as it relates to regulations around recruiting new advisors and their existing customers

Opens the lines of communication between your firm and prospective advisors