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Recapping In|Vest 2019

Ray Mulligan & Shaun Christensen

From the podcast stage to live demos and panels full of the biggest names in the industry, In|Vest 2019 was the place to be last week for the financial services industry. We had the honor of attending the conference for the first time and participating as a demo sponsor. With a conference this size and scale, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle, but SourceMedia did a fantastic job curating a cohesive event and attracting true industry leaders to share their insights and expertise and spark meaningful dialogue.

A common theme that seemed to weave the sessions together was the transcendence of client experience over technology. This tenet was visited time and time again in several sessions and conversations:

Kraleigh Woodford of UBS emphasized that driving client engagement was a top priority of the app the firm released in March of 2018…”It’s not just about building new apps, it’s about building an internal capability with the voice of the client informing everything the company does.”

Kelly O’Donnell of Edelman Financial Engines had some of the most quotable quotes in the panel discussion “Come On—Let’s Really Think Outside the (Digital) Box. Our favorite was: “We know we’re doing a good job on Client Experience when clients aren’t thinking about the technology.”

As a FinTech provider, we don’t take this concept lightly and are constantly looking for ways to make our technology more about the experience than the technology itself. It was great to hear from our clients and prospects about how they view technology in the greater context of their organizational and digital strategy.

On the first day of the event, Conference Chair Sebastian Dovey asked: “When will we hear people describing the joy they find in financial services??” Of course, In|Vest didn’t leave us hanging and gave some of the leading FinTech firms the opportunity to showcase the technology that is revolutionizing CX and sparking joy in FinServ. IFS was lucky to be among the firms that demo’d their technology on July 16. Our Managing Director, Product Strategy, Ray Mulligan took the main stage and showed off IFS’s Advisor Onboarding Solution, which has been bringing joy to transitioning advisors and their new firms for years.

On that token we weren’t surprised that the demo was well-received by the judges and audience alike. We were grateful for the opportunity to showcase this transforming technology and appreciated the feedback from the esteemed judges. Our product team is already exploring ways to incorporate block-chain for an even better client experience.

Craig Iskowitz on IFS Demo

Thanks again to SourceMedia for putting on a fantastic event and letting us be a part of it! We are looking forward to In|Vest 2020!

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