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IFS at FSI’s OneVoice 2020

IFS will be on the West Coast for FSI’s #OneVoice2020 in San Diego next week. Read more to see what we are most looking forward to at this year’s annual kickoff, and the best way to connect with the team. Will you be there?

In preparation for 2020, #OneVoice2020 will explore how to prepare for the future as the independent financial services industry faces a multitude of changes. Here are a couple reasons why we are excited for #OneVoice2020:

  1. It’s the largest gathering of CEOs and firm executives in the independent financial services industry, providing an exclusive networking opportunity. Find us during the conference to connect and learn more about what we offer.

  2. Opportunities to attend session tracks explicitly designed for a multitude of professional expertise including CEO; Compliance; Due Diligence; IAS; Marketing, Growth & Development; Operations & Technology; and Supervision tracks.

  3. A cyber-security panel of industry experts will discuss strategies and best practices in an environment where technology is continuously evolving.

  4. Reg BI Workshop: Connect with IFS to learn how we are helping clients face the upcoming regulation, and discuss implementation strategies, share challenges, and explore solutions to make sure your firm is ready.

Find IFS during the conference to learn how we can help you prepare for the future. In attendance will be Tim Parsons (President), Ray Mulligan (Product Strategy), Travis Champion (Managing Director), and Shaun Christensen (Director). Get in contact with us at, and learn more about how we can help at

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